Smart Contract Audit

A thorough review of your smart contract to detect any security vulnerabilities, followed by a series of recommendations for addressing them effectively.

Why choose xaudits?

The xAudits team includes experienced auditors and passionate builders, uniquely positioned to comprehend both sides of the spectrum. This dual perspective enables us to fully grasp the requirements of projects seeking audits.

Our primary expertise is built around MultiversX, where we've dedicated over 3 years to development and auditing. Moreover, our involvement spans across EVM-based protocols, ensuring adaptability to your project's requirements regardless of the blockchain it's built upon.

We prioritize ensuring that your smart contracts reach the highest security level, facilitating a smooth and secure launch into production.

Trusted by Ecosystem Leaders

Vesta Finance

"Thank you for your meticulous blockchain code audit. We really value your instant communication, daily updates and practical fixes on your suggestions. Your contribution has enhanced the security and reliability of our project, and we look forward to future collaborations."

Vesta Finance

Co-founder / Chief of Vision, Florian Anghel

What is a SC Audit?

Smart contract audits involve in-depth, comprehensive code analysis of Smart Contracts to identify bugs before deployment and provide solutions to ensure the code's utmost security.

These audits assist individuals lacking code inspection skills in conducting research and assessing risks. Additionally, they bring a fresh perspective to the code, enabling developers to uncover bugs and vulnerabilities that might have been overlooked.

Blockchain offers incredible advantages with its capabilities, yet its immutability and irreversibility highlight the crucial importance of ensuring the security and proper functionality of smart contracts for both project creators and users.


The Smart Contract Audit Process

Phase 1

Phase 1

We get the Sourcecode from the Client.

What is a SC Audit Report?

A Smart Contract Audit Report is a published document that transparently presents all vulnerabilities discovered by auditors and outlines the actions taken by the requesting team in response to these findings and recommendations. Vulnerabilities range in severity, classified from Critical to Informational.

Following the initial code analysis of the audit, issues identified in the updated smart contract during subsequent analysis are labeled as fixed, not addressed, or unresolved.

Once a project completes an audit with xAudits, their entity is listed on the xAudits schedule. Additionally, they receive a dedicated project page containing a comprehensive list of all audits conducted by our team, which is freely available to the public.


Choose Security, Choose Success!

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